Back down to earth with January

The lead up to Christmas is almost more exciting for me than the actual day. Everyone seems happier, chattier and more social, we even had snow this year and it made it amazing.

Now we are in the first week of January and it couldn’t be more dull or dreary for me. Since having Dexter last May I haven’t been able to hold onto time, the sand has ran between my fingers faster than ever before. Now “back to work” and “Freddie starts school” is hanging over my head and I hate it.

I never feel full of inspiration in January anyway, there’s no “new year, new me” here as I definitely feel it sets us up to fail, but my god I feel the blues, the slump, the struggle.

I know that come the spring, and the first sights of the bulbs breaking through the ground to make way for daffodils, or the birds starting to chirp that little bit later to make way for a spring evening, I’ll feel better.

But for now I think I should be packed away with the tinsel and fairy lights in the loft until I feel a bit more cheery!

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