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Marvellous murals

I love photography especially city scapes, I have a few dotted round our home in frames and I’m slowly taking up all the wall space. I think it gives a real classic, atmospheric effect to our new build home as they can all be a bit bland if you don’t inject some colour/ focal points.

I’m not very adventurous with wallpaper or paint but I do like to go big and bold on my prints that I chose. It’s a real passion.

So I felt the next step for me was to combine to the two and really give our bedroom some depth and try a wall mural! I had seen so many for nursery’s featuring birds and trees and also some city themed ones for rooms which worked well.

I have seen some Wallsauce New York Murals that have really taken my eye as they are just breathtaking and I think give massive depth to the room. The lights and architecture really are so striking. My favourite photography is black and white shots and there are some beautiful panoramic monochrome images there too which are perfect for a classics bedroom look.

New York is on our bucket list and it’s somewhere that when we see peoples holiday photos always leaves us in awe so I know my husband will love it too!

This is a collaborative post. All Words are my own.

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