HiPP organic jars review

We have been on our weaning journey for just over five months now due to starting early with Dexter’s reflux. This meant unlike with Freddie, his first tastes weren’t through baby led weaning.

So we started down the purée route and this has been great, I have loved making my own purées for him to enjoy and I know exactly what he is eating, which is imperative for coping with his CMPA.

However, this hasn’t always been the most convenient, so when HiPP and Mumsnet contacted me to see if I wanted to see how I got on with their new range of jarred food, I definitely wanted to give it a shot..

The food in the jars is gently steam cooked to retain all the goodness and keep in the taste and this ties in with keeping with their organic and family friendly ethos. They know where the ingredients are sourced, even down to free range poultry. The organic standard means just like when I’m getting organic veg off my local market on a Friday and pureeing it for Dexter, they are also doing the same, just on a bigger scale.

There is definitely a bit of a snobbery sometimes with jarred baby food, but actually for us, Dexter definitely prefers a purée as he was more accustomed to this long before we stared baby led weaning and also for me it means when I’m out and about or at home I have a quick, dairy free organic meal to give him when he is squawking for food.

Now, to give it a proper test is even tried the banana yoghurt one myself, it contains milk so isn’t for Dexter but it’s full of flavour and I know he would love it – I 31 years old!

The jars are really well labelled and so I can quickly see any if there is milk on the allergen ingredient list and also gives a nicer visual image of the flavour. Talking of flavours there are a massive range such as buttered vegetables, spaghetti bolognese, creamed porridge, Mediterranean vegetables with aubergine and Dexter’s absolutely favourite vegetables with fish pie. There are so many flavours, including single tastes which I though was excellent for those early days.

I have really enjoyed giving the jars a try in our busy life and will definitely be carrying mixing them into our weaning life with some homemade purees. It’s a massive relief to know that I can buy a wide range of dairy free purées if I need to and that peace of mind is worth wonders, as being caught short can cause him massive problems.

This is a collaborative post. All words and images are my own.


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