Festively frazzled

By now, you can feel the caged animal frenzied excitement in your kids I’m sure, for of course the big man in red is coming next week!!

I always used to laugh when I heard other moms before me say about their crazed children in the lead up to Christmas, I laughed because I didn’t understand how mind numbingly mental the kids bloody get!

Freddie finished nursery Friday. It’s Sunday and he is already a pent up firework. The excitement in him is brimming!

I am already tearing my hair out and running out of crafting, cooking and general Xmas distraction already. I’ll need a Hair transplant at this exasperated rate!

I can’t even begin to imagine Christmas morning, which of course, will be about 3am? With explosive screams of “SANTAS BEEN” echoing round our estate as Freddie tears into his toys. I’m hoping for a post Christmas carnage nap at about 10am!

It’s all good fun though, I was just the same and I’m glad I can get this festive magic back while the kids are little. Which reminds me..what’s going to happen when I have two kids festively frantic and ready to pop when Dexter is older!

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