Girls night in

Now I have kids it’s harder to get out and have the girls night that I used to plan my life round, come to think of it I don’t think I would be able to handle it!

However, I do miss the social aspect of organising fun with my best bud, what time we were finishing work, our outfits and what we were going to request off the DJ..not to mention our chosen tipple for the night! We used to speak about it all week in the lead up, emailing each other at work, getting the cameras ready and meeting up for pre drinks the evening before as we just couldn’t wait!

It’s easy to retreat back indoors though, especially when you have kiddiewinkles. You tend to get them in bed, snuggled up and then bed down and hibernate yourself. Winter has set in so I am even more inclined to snuggle up on the sofa, thick blanket and a nice hot chocolate liquor but with a few changes this can be made into the perfect moms night in! (MNI) from here in!

No great effort is needed really..just try these simple ideas..

  • Grab a box of chocs, share bags of crisps and bung a pizza in the oven
  • Get your gals to bring you some plonk and you will supply the glasses
  • Once the girls arrive have a cheeky little flutter and see if you can tempt lady luck to be on the gals side
  • Watch some super slushy/corny films
  • Then the cherry on top..everyone makes a playlist of their fave club bangers and you can go MENTAL!

You will soon be transported to the most memorable nights of you life, with plenty of gossip and snacks to go round, all without walking home without your shoes on or getting a blister off some sky scraper high heels!

This is a collaborative post.

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