Get Etch’d review

I love the whole notion of personalised gifts and have definitely jumped on board with getting different items for family members at special times of the year.

Trouble is though, some things can get a bit, samey (is that even a word!) and then I lose inspiration.

Recently I have been working with Get Etch’d, a company based in Edinburgh that transform wooden gifts to make them personalised with practically anything you want. They are inspired by nature so wood and leather are some of the popular mediums that can be styled. Think back to when you were younger and carved into the tree “EB 4 RJ” and you will get their thinking!

The pieces on the website are beautiful and so I wanted to set them a challenge, I wanted a beautiful chopping board that I could use for gin and tonic lemon slicing (I think I cut more lemons than anything else in my house!) but that could also be etched with a perfect quote and font. The typography was important to me as I have found with most personalised items it tends to be a bit of bit standard text and this just wouldn’t do for a chopping board..

The quote I chose was “the house may not be tidy, but the gin is always neat!” charming and true! Just look at the piece I received..

Isn’t she dreamy!!!

I just adore the fonts that are used, such a perfectly matched range and exactly what I wanted! This was based on the oak Santa treat board which retails at £30.00.

There are a massive range of items on their website so why don’t you give Get Etch’d a challenge and see what they can do for you!

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