Don’t get the Christmas Crush!

With Christmas just round the corner and knocking to come in it’s easy to get panicked and just go on a buying free for all.

I’m my own worst enemy, I start to buy a few months ahead and put presents away for family members and feel organised. Somehow though, as soon as December approaches I panic that I haven’t got enough and I start buying again.

It’s easy to get carried away, especially when you have children to think they will be disappointed even when they have mounds of toys..everywhere.

There are a few simple ways for getting extra cash or make your existing cash flow go further for when you need it, such as

  • Have a clear out & sell it on – have a cull of the toys that are cluttering up the house and forgotten about, we have ones from last Christmas that have hardly been touched, as well as gift sets and other unwanted items that would be perfect on a local selling site
  • Handmade gifts – these are always popular and oh don’t even have to be overly crafty. Aunties, uncles and grandparents are always touched by a festive footprint from the littles in their lives. If you are good at getting your craft on why not make some homemade fudge or shortbreads and wrap decoratively?
  • Use your skills – have you got a hidden talent that you can make some extra cash out of? Can you take a picture perfect photograph? Are you a handy hobby baker? Can you walk lots of dogs and not get in a tangle? At this time of year people are so busy and you might just be the person they need to do a family photoshoot, bake a Christmas cake or even walk the neighbours dogs over the festive season!

Sometimes though you might need an extra, fast, financial boost and if you are struggling then seeking loans for bad credit might be the way to temporarily bridge the gap. Christmas can be a financial drain for everyone, my car insurance and MOT both fall at the end of the year as well at the dogs booster injections!

It’s nice to be prepared but sometimes we can account for all eventualities and still get stuck.

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