Christmas Toy Nostalgia

I’m a real sucker for reminiscing and trying to encapsulate certain memories from when I was little.

I can remember my Christmas memories so clearly and still remember my favourite toys that *Santa* brought me! My most treasured was a plush Gizmo from the film Gremlins that when he was turned inside out changed into a Gremlin! I still have him, Santa did well that year!

As Christmas is just around the corner (yikes!!) and I can almost taste the turkey and smell the pine needles, I wanted to see what some of the blogger community remembered from their toys of Christmas past..the ones they received or the ones that got away!

Hayley from Devon Mama says “I always wanted a drum kit. Every year I’d put it on my Christmas and birthday lists and could never understand why it didn’t appear. Now I’m a parent I COMPLETELY understand!!! My favourite toy? My tamagotchi. I was obsessive about it, we all were!”

“I wanted the Mr Frosty slushy maker, the advert was always on taunting me, but I was never that lucky, still want it now!!” Natalie at Mumworthy I feel the EXACT same too!

Emma from Emma Reed says “I had an entire cupboard full of my little pony’s and the castle, their accessories etc. I think I had over 100 of all varieties. I have no idea what happened to them once I grew out of them though”

I am also totally with Stephanie from Bay-bee who says “I loved Screwball Scramble so much I found they still sell it and I’ve purchased one for my kids!”

Jennifer at Mighty Mama Bear has just ignited my love for Pound Puppies as I used to collect them! “My mum recently dug out my old Pound Puppies for my daughter to play with. I used to love those! I also had a fashion wheel which I absolutely loved!”

Beth over at Twinderelmo is living her Christmas dreams through her son..perfect idea! “A power wheels. Me and my next door neighbour begged our moms and even offered to go halves. Never got one – but lived my dream through Charlie ??????”

Natasha at Mummy and Moose, I always wanted a soda stream too..purely to try and fizz milk! “We got a soda stream one year. Obviously the first thing we tried to make was fizzy milk. It wasn’t pleasant…”

What are your Christmas toy memories?!

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