Balustrades – Inside or Outside?

Balustrades – Inside or Outside?

If you’ve heard of balustrading and you’re not exactly sure what it is, you’re in the right place. Balustrading is a feature that is added on to staircases in homes primarily for safety so that no one falls over the edge. Though balustrades primarily exist for safety, they are fast becoming a feature that many people carefully select to enhance the interior design of their home. You can also incorporate a stylish balustrade to the exterior of your home, either to the balcony, terrace or patio, or anywhere else you have staircases. When getting your balustrade installed, make sure that high quality balustrade components are used for the fixings.

What type of balustrades to go for for the interior of a home

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or a classic style, there are plenty of options in terms of balustrade designs that could work really well in the interior of a home. There are so many different shapes and materials that you could go for to enhance the design in your home. Below are some of the styles and materials that we love for the inside of a house:

? A wooden balustrade

An extremely popular choice, wooden balustrades look really great inside homes. They really amp up the warmth and cosiness factors of any room, as well as being sturdy and long lasting. In terms of designs, colonial style wooden balustrades are loved by many people. Or if you’re feeling more risky in terms of design, you could go for an Art Deco wooden style. Either way, pick the type of wood that complements the decor in the rest of the room.

? A wrought iron balustrade

This is a great choice for any home where you’re looking to add a touch of drama to your staircase. You can get an intricate design or something a little more simple, as the material itself is enough to add the style and elegance. If you’re living in a family home, just make sure that the wrought iron doesn’t leave too many large gaps that could risk the safety of any younger family members

? A glass panel balustrade

Another material that can be really popular for balustrades is glass. This is ideal for people who are hoping to have a more contemporary and sleek vibe in their home. An added bonus is that glass panel balustrades are really effective in making homes look more spacious. So if your home is on the smaller side, this could make a great choice, and also add a bit of luxury to the room.

Balustrades for the outside of your home

Many people opt to go for stylish balustrades outside their homes as well. Whether you have a patio, a deck, a balcony, or a terrace, it’s time to go for a balustrade that isn’t just a safety feature, but also makes the exterior of your home look great. You should also opt for a material that will be easy to maintain and clean and withstand the rainy periods in the UK. Read on for some suggestions for balustrades for the outside of your home below:

? Stone pillar balustrades

If you’re looking to add a touch of Roman influence to the look of your property, stone pillar balustrades are a great way to do so. These look absolutely fantastic outside a house, and they’re extremely sturdy and long lasting. Not only that, the stone pillar adds a bit of historic look.

? An infinity glass balustrade

An infinity glass balustrade could be the perfect choice for an exterior balustrade which is looking over a pretty surrounding view. If you’ve got a property with a balcony or a terrace, consider this option and you’ll get an unbroken view of the sights around you.

? A stainless steel balustrade

If your home has more of a contemporary exterior and you’re looking for a balustrade that is more sleek in its design, then a stainless steel balustrade could be a good option. It is visually impressive and strong, and you can be sure that it’ll last forever.

Searching for the highest quality stainless steel balustrade fixings and components? Visit us today at Balustrade Components to order online or by phone.

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