InfaCare night time bath Review

Bath time is one of the favourite times in our household, especially for me as I know that bedtime for the kiddies is just around the corner..

It also helps to wind down the boys and help them to relax for bed. I especially like for Dexter to be relaxed so that he can enjoy his bedtime bottle and have a settled bedtime.

InfaCare’s bubbly bath is specially formulated to be mild for baby’s skin. We love that InfaCare is pH balanced for delicate baby skin and it makes so many pillowy bubbles with a sleepy. gentle fragrance.

Dexter’s skin is very sensitive so I only use natural, delicate products on him that I know won’t flare up his allergy prone skin. Even though it’s gentle, it still manages to clean away all out baby weaning mess from dinner time.

It comes in a fabulous 750ml sized bottle which will last for ages as you only need a bit to create lots of bubbles.

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