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Newborn & New mum must haves 

Dexter is almost 6 months old and so lots of the newborn stage items have been packed away. I was ruthless this time and only kept what I knew made those newborn days a whole lot easier, rather than having everything just in case.

Here’s our low down on what we loved..

Snuzpod– we used a one of these bedside sleepers with Freddie and it was fabulous, so naturally I carried this on for Dex as we liked it so much. Being three in one makes it really versatile and it rocks too! It’s so easy to have baby safely so close next to you and it helped so much when I did breastfeed to have him within boobs reach and then when we changed to bottle he was right there to have his night feed.

Snuza Hero – this little gem was a new discovery with Dexter but it actually saved my sanity. It’s a movement monitor which connects to babies nappy, touching the tummy at all times. It really gave me peace of mind after Dexter’s reflux apnea started. Its so small too.

Purflo nest – if I could go back in time I would use this with Freddie, the nest is a god send. You can see how it makes baby feel so snug and secure and it definitely helped settle him so much easier in those early days. It was a sad day when Dexter grew out of his.

Large Muslin swaddles – we had some super sized muslins from Aden & Anais and we used them for everything you can think of! Perfect for a light covering in warm weather too.

Perfect prep machine – we had this with Freddie and there was no question that I would be using it if I bottle fed anymore babies, turns out eventually we used formula and the prep machine again. Ready to drink bottle in 2 mins..yes please!

Medela Swing Maxi – at first I breast fed and used this pump to allow me to express so I could use gaviscon and milk thickeners to help with reflux. Really comfy to use and super efficient as it’s a double pump.

Angelcare Bath support – two hands are needed to bathe a squiggly newborn! Easy to store, dries quickly and It’s grown really well with Dexter as he has too.

Lansinoh HPA lanolin – got to be done..not into nip lash but dry skin and chapped lips too! Wonder balm!

Wicker Noah Pod down stairs we also had a wicker Moses basket for day time cat naps. We loved our one from Claire de lune in this gorgeous grey colour and snug lining.

Lansinoh Therapearl – these jelly pearl rings where a god send for engorgement and for some comfort when I stopped breast feeding. You can warm them up or have them chilled for relief of sore boobs.

Dr. Browns bottles we didn’t use these anti colic bottles until slightly later on with Dex but they made a massive difference with his reflux and trapped wind

Feather bolster cushion – I know this is a random one but I LOVE IT. Our bolster goes the whole length of the bed and I even took it to hospital with me. You can plump it up any way for ultra comfort for sleep and feeding and even cradles baby perfect. LOVE.

Love to Swaddle up my best bud gave me these when Freddie was poorly when he was newborn. He slept in them so well and really stopped him clawing at his face. They help the babies to sleep with their arms up by their face while still providing a comfy sleep. Both boys have gotten great use out of them.

My other tips if you are to try and batch cook some freezer meals for those early crazy days in the newborn bubble, get some dry shampoo – even though you are craving a shower or a nice bath the reality might be a quick hair freshen up, get some box sets on the go and get snug while you feed. Lastly get oodles of sets of comfortable pyjamas!!



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