Introducing kids to gardening

Freddie is a real outdoor boy and loves being in the fresh air. He makes mud pies, roads and big houses and entertainins himself for ages.

I wanted to use this love of the outdoors to get him into gardening and seeing where some of our food comes from!

A while ago myself and my sister planted some pumpkin seeds for him (from last years harvest!) and told him hat by Halloween his orange friends would be ready to harvest! He had great delight in caring for the squashes whilst they where ripening and loved seeing them change size and colour. It was even his job to protect hem with straw when the autumn came.

His hard work paid off and look at what he harvested..

Freddie also had a job in the upkeep of the runner beans to make sure there were seeds to harvest for next years crop. We explained it was like Jack and the beanstalk and that the dried hard beans would be watered and grow into a big tall vine ready to eat with our dinner!

He frequently checks his precious stock and can’t wait to taste those fresh home grown beans!

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