Our Halloween

So this year our Halloween was slightly different as there was now the addition of chubby little Dex!

The boys pumpkins were grown by my sister and Freddie has been eagerly awaiting them to be ready. We had a Saturday afternoon carving faces with Freddie picking out some ideas he thought would be nice for him and Dexter off some internet ideas.

I dressed the boys up as Freddy Kruger & Dexter Morgan…probably the only time I can get away with taking their names to advantage while they are little! Fred had the classic nightmare on elm street stripey top, hat and knife glove while I dressed Dexter in a kids lab coat, a pair of goggles and a dust mask. I splattered him with homemade blood and added a syringe full of tomato sauce.

I longed for Freddie to trick or treat this year but he was adamant that he was not going and any sweets we had were for him. We had our friends trick or treat and Freddie was like a rocket as soon as the doorbell went. He was amazed at all the little faces!

Within five minutes he was redressed up in his Halloween gear and it the door. So many houses on our estate made a massive effort and there were so many kids. It was really special and I enjoyed it just as much as Freddie. He was so astounded.

He still keeps looking through his little sweet haul now!

Hope you had a lovely Halloween ?

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