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Bye bye cradle cap thanks to Childs Farm

Dexter has been plagued with cradle cap since day one. We had mild success with coconut oil to soothe this when he was a few weeks old but then he became allergic to it and it made his scalp inflammed.

I tried washing his hair more frequently, less frequently, using just water, using shampoo and conditioner, using petroleum jelly, olive oil – you name it I tried it.

To add insult to injury Freddie even developed a patch three years old!! Both boys had it excessively thick on their scalps and with Dexter his crusty head was massively noticeable.

I have been reviewing some Childs Farm products and asked about their shampoo which contains salicylic acid, meant to be great for cradle cap and eczema (it’s derived from willow bark and is an age old remedy for inflammation). I had seen what great results people had got from using the moisturiser and so I wanted to test both for myself and see if they could help my boys.

I set myself a little routine, Wash with the shampoo and allow the scalp to get really wet and soaked at bath time. After bath time pat the hair and then add the moisturiser. The next morning I would gently brush the scalp with a super super soft toothbrush to work out the loosened scales. I found that this really helped getting the scalp to breathe with the loosened scales and allowing it to dry off in the day. It doesn’t leave any redness and it’s suprising how much comes away.

I really am pleased to show that after just over two weeks of this we have complete resolution and Dexter’s scalp is so healthy. No more scales and his hair is seeming to thicken up and grow too!

The pictures really don’t do justice to how bad it was or to how much it’s cleared up. I’m so so pleased and I cannot tell enough people!!

We also tried the biodegradable grapefruit& tea tree wipes and they are just delicious! The scent is so uplifting and they are super gentle on all of babies skin. Perfect for mummies to take off make up too!

We really are so impressed with Childs Farm and we are super pleased to be able to do a little giveaway of their amazing baby and standard moisturiser!

Just enter the competition Here

We were sent the above items for an honest review

41 thoughts on “Bye bye cradle cap thanks to Childs Farm

  1. My 3yo has come out with cradle cap again and my 6month old has it. Will need to try this to clear it up. My 3yo has long hair and hates it being washed or brushed but cried hysterically if you try and cut it.


  2. My son has eczema and I have read some really good reviews about Childs farm for it. We have tried various products with little success so would love to try this for him


  3. My granddaughter has very sensitive skin and suffers from eczema flare-ups on the back of her arms, this product sounds great for dry skin.


  4. this product sounds great for dry sensitive skin. My granddaughter has sensitive skin and suffers from eczema flare-ups on the backs of her arms, so this would be good for her.


  5. My childs skin is really sensitive and have not really found anything suitable yet, so hoping to win this so i can give it a go 🙂


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