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Beaba babycook plus review

As we are weaning early due to Dexter’s reflux I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what he was having so I could pinpoint any possible reflux flare up foods, or indeed allergy flare ups. Dexter has CMPA like his brother and I have found lots of foods aimed at weaning have milk added, which is such a pain.

We have been super lucky to be able to review the Beaba babycook plus, to make our own baby food. It steams, blends, defrosts and reheats as well as being suitable not just to make baby purees but smoothies and steamed food items for all the family. We will even continue to use it when we move to baby led weaning as it’s perfect for getting the right consistency steamed food with it’s easy steam system of 1,2 or 3. The Beaba collects the steaming liquid from the foods, retaining all the vitamins and goodness and allows you to determine the purees thickness. This is excellent for us as sometimes Dexter needs a thicker purée on a bad reflux day or maybe slightly thinner when he is coping well. We can tailor to his needs and I love this.

Here is how we made a pumpkin and pear purée for Dexter and also made great use of the pumpkin guts that are left over from Freddie’s Halloween carvings.

The Babycook Plus is also multi use so its super handy, most of the time when Freddie hears the steamer on he decides he wants a smoothie so I can quickly make him one too. Here I’m steaming some potatoes for my lunch whilst making Freddie’s dessert of banana and cocoa smoothie, which is dairy free!

All we used were two bananas, one tablespoon of cocoa and 75ml of oat milk. Give it a blitz and it’s done in seconds!

I love the versatility of the baby cook, because it’s multifunction and not just for baby it’s not going to be shoved in a cupboard once weaning is done. We have found that Freddie now has a smoothie each morning with breakfast and that’s fine by me.

It’s easy to disassemble and clean and is so simple to use, either press a button or twist the dial! It can also be used one handed so if Dexter is having a screamathon I can hold him while I make his dinner.

At first I planned to use the baby cook to make big batches and freeze using the Beaba storage pots but I have found it’s just as easy to make a small meal for him as and when I need to as it’s so quick.

We love our Beaba and it’s been a great help on our early weaning reflux journey. Read more about the baby cook

We were sent a Beaba babycook plus and storage pots in exchange for an honest review

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