Adventure belt review

Freddie loves being outdoors but also loves to run free. Most of the time this is fine but obviously there are times when he cant do this and so his independent streak needs to be quashed (difficult!)

We were asked to review the Adventure Belt by More-2-Explore. At first I thought that it would be a battle to even get it on, he hates his reins and so thought he would think this was the same thing.

We recently took it on holiday with us and let Freddie explore it himself. He was actually eager to get it on as he said it looked like a tool belt with the little pouch on the front! It’s made from robust, rugged material and feels so strong. We popped it on before our woodland walk. It fitted both of us comfortably but its easily adjustable, the age for children is 2-5 and this is a good target for the size.

The bungee strap is super flexible and stretchy and didn’t hold Freddie back or pull me forward. It was strange at first to be hands free but I felt really comfortable pushing the buggy whilst using this.

Freddie had a little run round but also had a scoot in the play area on his little bike and the belt didn’t hold him back here either, I think he soon forgot he had it on.

It’s been super helpful to us, especially in familiar woodland walks/our local area as Freddie feels comfortable and brave because he knows the area so decides he wants to go further and further without us. This is when it’s perfect as it’s a compromise for both worlds.

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