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Dairy free Halloween treats

Here are a few ideas to add to your Halloween treat table if you have some children coming round who have a dairy free diet or even to try for your own kiddies!

This is the first year where Freddie really gets the concept of Halloween but also the fact that it’s going to be a bit of a nightmare with his dairy allergy. This way he can have some treats and ghoulish fun just like everyone else!

Kiwi Frankensteins, Hulks or Zombies

Peel the kiwi a little, add some dairy free chocolate drops for eyes, here we are using Aldis and cut in some miserable mouths!

Mummy’s in bandages

Ready to roll puff pastry is a godsend for us at home. Here it’s perfect for some hotdog mummy bandages!

Banana ghosties

Couldn’t be easier..half a Banana and some dairy free choccy drops

Pumpkin peelers

Super quick, just jazz up some little pumpkin-esque faces on clementines or mandarins. They look so effective

Severed fingers

Freddie loves this one! Cut a nail shape and some wrinkle ridges in hot dogs, place in a dairy free roll and add ketchup blood. Tasty!

Mini pumpkins

A little cucumber stem changes these citrus cuties into perfect pumpkins

Spooky mallows

Add your favourite faces to some marshmallows for some gastly snacks.

I hope you like these dairy free options!

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