The five stages of baby naptime

Every now and then Dexter likes to have a snuggle and be rocked to sleep. Well actually he likes to allude me to the fact that he wants a sleep but it is in fact a game that he likes to play. I have noticed there are five stages that accompany this baby led game of chance..


It’s going to happen. You can feel it. Little yawns, sleepy, relaxed smiled, the lulling chats, grabbing of your top to feel snug, he is sleepy and it’s nap AHOY! You feel so smug, Netflix will be on soon and you can get back to watching trash.


From somewhere in the sleepiness comes these gooey smiles. This is where baby gets you. DO NOT make eye contact…otherwise BAM. There come those deliciously gooey smiles! The pacifier is laughed out of their mouths, your eyes only have to meet and they make out you are the most hilarious person’s difficult to come back from if you loose it here.


He knows. He knows the exact plan for him. Both of you realise that no one is going to back down. There can only be one victor..but who?


When the smiles don’t work..the big guns come out and the fight begins. The stiff legs, the writhing, the tired anger takes over. It can seem like an exorcism, hang in there, it’s the sleep talking. Your rocking, bum patting and “shusssshing” techniques are demented at this point.


The resistance is hopefully short lived. Now begins the eye rolling and guinea pig noises that soothe into nap time. Congratulations, Nap time has been accepted!

You can rejoice! (Quietly)

20 thoughts on “The five stages of baby naptime

  1. Oh this is sooo cute! I can actually only type this as my toddler is having a nap. I am dreading the day when he gives that afternoon nap up!! I won’t get anything done!


  2. I can’t even begin to imagine how tough it must be to get your kid to go for a nap. Me on the other hand I’d be all over that x


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