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If there is one thing I hate more than laundry (is that possible?) then it’s holiday laundry. Mounds and mounds of memories of the fun times the day before now in a sad, miserable heap in front of the washer.

I mean I don’t like laundry at the best of times, with Freddie who is always messy by 9am with ground in dirt and then Dexter who drools, spits dinner or has a nappy explosion in each outfit or my husbands stinky welding clothes or my general baby/preschooler anointed outfit then I am pretty much up to my eyeballs, even though I like to do a load each morning I still can keep up.

The main struggles I have are tomato based food stains for Freddie and baby food stains for Dexter.

Those two are a formidable foe and they always catch me out. Myself and rich don’t really have sensitive skin so we used to wash our clothes in any thing that was on offer but the boys both have flare ups if we don’t use a gentle detergent and this can sometimes mean we loose out on cleaning power.

However, I love Sunday nights when all of Freddie’s nursery clothes for the week are hung up smelling fresh and ironed. They looks so smart and it’s a real sense of achievement. Clean bedding takes me back to being a child and diving under the freshly washed duvet that Mom had put on for me. Lush. Sweet dreams indeed!

We have been giving Ecover’s new non bio “This plaundry detergent a whirl. It’s lavender and sandalwood scented and I ADORE this scent, I love aromatherapy so having this scent on my bedding was a total winner for relaxation. It’s a soothing scent and works great on the kids bedding to, keeps them calmer! It’s dermatologically tested meaning it’s super gentle for my two little ones especially baby Dexter and it hasn’t caused any flare ups. I love too that it’s all plant based, it really puts your mind at ease that you aren’t putting nasty chemicals near such precious baby skin.

Now this is all great but does it WORK?!

As a busy mum who can’t keep rewashing I am pleased to report it washed beautifully. Whites were sparkling and it dealt fantastically with stubborn after nursery stains from Freddie and whatever dirt Dexter seemed to accumulate.

I thought it would struggle most with my husbands work overhauls but it’s given them a great wash and the scent of welding has been washed away too! All this on a cold wash down at 30? Laundry with a clean conscience too!

Ecover has been rated 89% with Mumsnet mums and I am really pleased with it too. It’s such a worry with kids with sensitive skin but it’s worked so well for our boys.

Is there anything better than seeing gorgeous washing blowing on the line? It’s my favourite sight and makes me feel instantly better than having it on airers in the house.

This post is an entry for BritMums #EcoverLaundry Challenge, sponsored by Ecover


  • LovelyLu

    Distracted by food – Freddie’s dinner looked amazing!! Also, the photo of Dexter covered on that green food is such a cute photo! Awww!
    We use Ecover laundry detergent too. Actually, we use most of ecover’s products because being eco friendly is really important to our family. I think it’s really effective. I agree with you about the lavender and sandalwood one too. Smells gorgeous!

  • The Daisy Pages

    I’m glad you liked the product, there really is nothing better than washing on the line 🙂 And I can so relate to the satisfying feeling of having all the laundry and ironing done by Sunday evening!

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