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Diono Quantum travel system Review

For the past few weeks we have been putting the Diono Quantum to the test and through its paces with Dexter.

I have never thought of myself as pushchair orientated, as long as it pushes, is comfortable and is reasonable in cost then that’s all it needs to be, right? Wrong.

Having spent a few weeks in hospital a few things changed in our family dynamic that made having an easy to use, adaptable, robust and comfortable pushchair a matter of importance.

My husband sorted the boys while I was poorly, he is 6″3 and so straight away the height adjustable handle came into its own. I am on the tall side so I love this feature too but for hubby this made the difference between having an aching back or being at ease pushing Dexter around. It’s an easy, instantaneous movement but makes all the difference with user comfort.

Another feature that was imperative for him was foldability, more so a single handed fold! Whilst juggling the two boys this made his job far less stressful and quick. With one twist the Quantum is compactly folded up with a super helpful carry strap which is LIFE CHANGING!

Previously I have had cumbersome tricky to fold pushchairs and it’s infuriating. On the nursery run this saves me such time (and patience!) as I can just click on the bassinet section and off we go. My favourite part is the little locking clip which holds it together when folded up, so the pushchair isn’t flailing around when you have little hands to hold when getting it on and off transport or out the the boot for instance.

I was very weak when I came out of hospital so I built my strength up slowly with small walks. The Quantum is a very, very smooth pushchair to use and it’s effortless really, I didn’t have to struggle and for how well it’s built it still very light. I have struggled with back pain and SPD following my boys so long walks pushing the buggy previously did use to aggravate it, this was not a problem with the Quantum however. The only way I can compare it is like using a car with power steering after using one


We have put the Diono through its paces over different terrains, up and down the kerbs of the nursery run, the lumps and mounds of and adventure playground,the Shropshire woodlands, uneven and bumpy hills of Dorset and the thick sand of Weymouth beach. Plenty of mud and puddles thrown into the mix too! I’m happy to report that the Quantum handles it all in its stride.

It’s definitely an all terrain pushchair and can take a hammering! The suspension really holds up well and it’s been perfect for us taking the dogs for a walk with Dexter in tow too!

Every time I’m out prancing when pushing the Quantum (I love it, I can’t help but prance when I push it!!) everyone comments on the colour and the hood! We have the Quantum in teal which reminds me of the sea. It’s really striking and catches everyone’s eye.

The hood deserves its own section! The hood is and XL eclipse hood meaning rain, sun or wind the precious cargo inside stays comfortable. Thankfully due to the crazy summer (was it even summer?!) I think we have experienced nearly every type of weather except snow in the last few weeks! Dexter is shielded from sun, rain or even beach wind when hidden away.

The peekaboo window means we can always have a quick look in and the breathable mesh allows airflow on hot days. With a clip and I clip the Quantum goes from parent to world facing, perfect for nosey babies!

You can see by using the pushchair that ease of use for parents is at the forefront of the Quantum design.

The wheels pop off to clean easy, the foot rest cleans in a jiffy, the storage basket underneath is so so big I fill it with groceries and the usual tractor or digger of Freddie’s.

However. The crux for me? FLIP FLOP FRIENDLY BRAKES. Yes, the FFFB from here on in. I would wear flip flops all year if I could, but there is nothing more painful (or humiliating!) than a foot slipping off a brake or having to try and put the brake on with your skin on the top of your foot. OUCH. I have even bent down before now and did it with my hand. The shame!

The FFFB is push on. Push off. That’s it. Done. How amazing is that? So many mum points awarded here!!

For now we are using it with the bassinet which has a super comfy mattress for Dexter with the easy clip to tilt if need be, but it won’t be a problem when he gets promoted to the toddler seat. With four clips it’s a toddler seat as it’s all in one! I only have a small car which is filled with nursing stuff for my job so I don’t have the room for extra buggy parts so this idea is fab. There is a five point harness which slots together with ease and keeps escapees at bay! There are colour coordinating clips meaning that you can easily see which matches where for assembling/moving so grandparents (or my husband) needn’t get in a flap!

If Dexter will be anything like Freddie he will be a tall toddler, which made getting a comfortable stroller for him to fit in was a nightmare, however the Quantum is XL and so he should fit with ease.

We have loved using the Quantum and can’t wait for it to grow with our family. I pride myself in honest reviews and I can’t really find any fault with the pushchair, in any aspect, it’s excellent value for money at Β£500 via Diono UK and comes in a range of vibrant colours, fitting accessories including many car seats. It’s a real all rounder that will grow with your family giving you longevity without being bulky.

We will give you an update again once Dexter is in his toddler seat and see how it grows with him.

We were sent a Diono uk Quantum in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

26 thoughts on “Diono Quantum travel system Review

  1. What an amazing travel system! I haven’t heard of this brand before but it is SO stylish! I love that you say it has power steering, that’s what I needed pushing the pram with my bad back. Great review!


  2. Sounds like a ATV….can handle kids,long trips and rough surfaces. And I think it could handle a lot of snacks in case you just wanted to tailgate at a football game. I admit,500.00 is very expensive for stroller however.


  3. Looks like a great stroller for all terrain! And love that you can carry it so easily on your shoulder! Will definitely look in to this when the time comes!


  4. Wow! Pushchairs have come along way! The price is a bit high, but then again I haven’t prices pushchairs in over a decade. This model is super practical for getting around though! I love the option of carrying the frame like a purse. That’s a life changer!


  5. I remember a rule saying you should always go for quality if it’s something between you and the ground – shoes, mattresses, chairs etc. I think pushchairs can certainly be added to that list – what a difference a good one makes!


  6. Oh this really does look like a lovely pram. I have never been too pushchair orientated. In fact I avoided getting a double when my fourth arrived despite there being only a 17 month age gap, just so I didn’t have to look for a new pram. I would love this though.


  7. What a great travel system! iI love the colour. It looks very cosy and comfy too. It is so important to have a good travel system as it sees you through the early months. xx


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