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Messy me review & giveaway!

I can’t say Freddie has an element of tidy to him. He is just so clumsy, guaranteed to make a mess. Even when I preempt it, he beats me to it!!

Now add a baby and a holiday in the mix and it’s a sure fire cauldron of messy chaos!

Luckily we are working with Messy me designs and they gave us one of their fab aprons and an original messy mat for a full scale test while we were on holiday. You can even win your own Messy Mat with my competition below!

The first morning Freddie helped prep breakfast and he was super excited to be wearing his Messy Me Apron! The sizing is for 3-5 years olds but Freddie is tall for his age so I would say the sizing it generous. It it fitted him lovely and gave him plenty of room to move.

We chose the red star apron design and I adore it, it’s fun and colourful. The oilcloth is supple and wipes clean in a flash. The messy apron is best cleaned with soapy water or occasionally in the washing machine at 30. However we gave ours a quick swish over with a baby wipe whilst we were away and this worked just as well! It can be hung or folded up for storage.

Myself and Freddie do lots of baking at home and he loves to help prepare his dinner when home from nursery so it will be great that he can have his own kitchen routine where he grabs his apron and gets going.

We also were lucky enough to put the original Messy Mat to the test. This is also super foldable and so easy to takes up no room at all!

Dexter HATES his nappy and he spends lots of time at home having some naked bum no nappy time which he adores. However, you can imagine this comes which lots of mess on occasions! This is where the mat really helped us on holiday, I popped it over a duvet and then let him carry on with this lady Godiva-esque play without and fear of baby pee on the bed of the log cabin! We gave it a quick clean and wipe with antibacterial wipes after each use and it was fab!

Back to the original mess maker..Freddie.


I used the messy mat as a home from home tablecloth, because well, see above.

Thankfully I did, it worked a treat to, quick wipe over and we are ready again for the next use. When I think about it our dinners are either sauce or gravy based so I’m sure at home it’s going to take a hammering too!

We also whipped out the messy mat whilst on the beach, usually I would use a blanket but then you still transport the sand everywhere and they go gritty unless washed. I just popped the mat down on some soft sand and weighted it with some beach rocks and voila..perfect beach play mat. The sand brushes off really easily but I gave ours a quick soapy wash and it dried in no time ready for the next day, much quicker than a blanket!

Now we are home the messy mat is a perfect playmat for our rug and once Dexter is big enough to start throwing will be there to catch the mess!

For your chance to win an original messy mat just Enter here! Good luck!

We were sent these items for an honest review. All pictures and words are my own.


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