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Dr Browns Options bottles review

When we had Freddie we were very lucky in the fact that he never suffered with any problems when feeding as a baby. Therefore the bottles we choose to feed Dexter with this time around were the same as we knew they had worked for Freddie.

However, Dexter soon had silent reflux flare up at about 3 weeks old. He was medicated and his milk was changed to compliment his dairy allergy but he still struggled. To compensate for the acid burning his throat he would comfort feed and guzzle and gulp his milk, causing terrible trapped wind. It’s a whole other world when you have a baby who is in so much discomfort after a feed and you just can’t help them.

As part of their ambassador programme we were kindly send some Dr Browns Options bottles and a microwave steriliser to review. Now being totally honest I had heard of Dr Browns before and heard people say how good they were for feeding and colic problems but I just thought it was bottle preferences, like other mums I tend to stick to what I know and like and most things with Freddie that were successful I carried on with Dexter.

Anyway, we gave the bottles a go, not expecting to change..! They are really nice to hold in the hand and I felt comfortable feeding. They were simple to assemble and can be used with or without the anti colic system, which is a massive bonus giving longevity as it’s a multi use bottle for when you don’t need the colic system any more as baby grows but don’t want the bottle to leak without it!

• With the vent in place Dr Brown’s is clinically proven to help reduce colic, burping and wind

• First choice of baby bottle by UK Health Visitors for the relief of colic symptoms

• Encourages good digestion for a more settled, happy baby

• Creates 100% vacuum free feeding – the teat will never collapse

• Most medically researched baby bottle in the UK

We found Dexter seemed to drink his milk at a more manageable pace without the teat collapsing, which used to happen every single suckle on his previously bottle. This is due to the anti colic vents reducing vacuum pressure in the teat and bottle. We used the size two teat as Dexter has his milk thickened which can block teats easily, however it flowed well in the size two and we had no blockages, which is frustrating for a hungry baby and infuriating for the mum trying to unblock it each time!

The next noticeable improvement was that Dexter was a lot easier to wind, he is a notoriously difficult baby to wind due to the medication he is on and it can take a good hour sometimes to relieve his discomfort. Sure enough though, we sat him up to wind after a few ounces and felt that magical rumble work up his chest and then the rattle of burp, followed by my rejoice of “GOOD BOY!” He also tends to accumulate it throughout the day by the evening he is extremely uncomfortable. We found that over a 24 hour period dexter became a calmer baby and his trapped wind was massively reduced. This is amazing for us as I thought with his medication he would just be a windy baby and the struggle of him being in pain for hours before having a good old burp would just be part of our routine.

Even though the bottles have a few pieces when used as part of the Anti colic system they are really easy to clean, they come with a dinky little brush so you can thoroughly clean the anti colic system parts too. I had alway been an electric steam steriliser girl an so a microwave one was very alien to me..however I am won over completely. Not just because it’s just as quick but mostly because you can bung it in the microwave after use and not have it taking over the workspace. Massive bonus points there!!

We have completely ditched our old bottles now and just use the Dr browns. I’m always honest in my reviews and I can say hand on heart that I am converted and they really helped Dexter, we have been using them for a good month and they are a definite factor in keeping him more comfortable after feeds and helping make his difficult reflux journey, a bit more manageable. You can get Dr. Browns Options bottles from here

We were sent these products as part of the Dr Brown ambassador programme in exchange for an honest review.

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