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Which Hyperemesis tips NOT to offer Princess Kate

So, the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant for the third time and suffering with her third bout of Hyperemesis Gravardium (HG). Having been there twice with both pregnancies I do completely empathise with her, it’s horrendous.

There are still a few nuggets of wisdom that people like to offer which drive me up the wall when it comes to HG. Mostly by people who have never suffered from it!

Here are my top five.

  1. “Most people get some morning sickness” Nope. No. NOT EVEN. It’s 24 hours a day, every five minutes and it DRAINS YOUR SOUL. This is NOT morning sickness. It’s constant, debilitating vomiting that’s actually very dangerous as it leads to severe dehydration
  2. “Try some ginger” Yes, of course, ginger. I can’t even keep my own saliva down but yeah..GREAT advice.
  3. “You need to try and carry on as normal” I lie down and if I turn my head or open my eyes I feel like I am on a vertical roundabout with extreme g force. I cannot get up, it uses every shred of my utter being to drag myself to the bathroom to try and do the worlds tiniest dehydration wee, leaving me lying on the bathroom floor for hours to recover. I lie in my bed and am sick in carrier bags. How can I make that normal?
  4. “It’s the’s a girl!” I have had two HG pregnancies and have two sons. Moving on…
  5. “It will be gone after 12 weeks” Actually, mine didn’t stop until 21 week and some mums get this all day, all night for their entire pregnancy, even in LABOUR until their baby is born

Good luck Kate, let’s hope you aren’t inundated with ginger biscuits!

22 thoughts on “Which Hyperemesis tips NOT to offer Princess Kate

  1. You and I have something in common….we both dislike platitudes. Sometimes I really wish people would think before offering advice on topics that affect people in unique ways. Sometimes its just best to stay quiet and just help in whatever way you can.


  2. I can’t even begin to imagine how tough this must be, I can barely deal with being sick once never mind feeling constantly like that x


  3. I can only imagine what it must be like with Hyperemesis… And people tend to offer really bad advice about things… It happens to my OH when she had pre-eclampsia…


  4. I remember this so well when I was pregnant with my twins. I was vomiting right up to 32 weeks when it suddenly stopped. Then restarted at 36 weeks.10 – 12 times a day. Thankfully I had totally healthy babies, but these tips would have only made me angry!


  5. It sounds utterly debilitating. I vomited every day and felt sick all day every day for the full 9 months of pregnancy with Jay, but luckily I was mostly able to keep food down, so it wasn’t to the extent that it required intervention. I can’t imagine how tough it must be!


  6. Having a tough go of it are you? I sincerely hope it’s temporary and it passes rapidly. This reminds me of when I was in hospital and a woman in the next hospital bed couldn’t stop vomiting. My heart was bleeding for her, poor girl.


  7. I hear you there.. i also had that sensation all the time like your covered in ants or spiders whichever… (blood boiling im told) stripping off whilst shopping is most deffo not ideal.


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