Bibetta dribble bib reveiw

Babies drool, fact. However Dexter drools and also adds into the mix his silent reflux, so rather than posseting he brings up acid.

This seems to saturate any outfit that he wears and soaks through most bibs we use. He also is a messy drinker and so ends up in a nice milky pool!

We have been sent a Bibetta Dribble bib to review. To be truthful it felt so light and thin in the hand that I didn’t expect it to be absorbent at all. It’s a Velcro attachment that’s really gentle for baby skin.

We chose a grey chevron pattern out of the many available and it looks good with any outfit. There are two layers to the bib and surprisingly Dexter wore the bib all day and it soaked up lots of liquid but was still waterproof to clothing underneath.

He wore the bib for feeding and general drool and it did very well! You can see that it’s really quite rouched and we found these caught the big dribble trials.

The bib washes really well and also dries in no time. I love how light it is as it also makes for comfortable wearing for baby

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