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Peace of mind with a little Snuza Hero

We have had a long and tough battle with Dexter suffering from Silent Reflux Before we used the Snuza hero, it had  been more scary than I ever imagined as he Has episodes where he chokes on the thick acid, one time needing an ambulance because he stopped breathing and responding.

The paranoia of reflux

My husband managed to eventually clear his airway and bring him back but it made me feel very ill for a while and experience a wave of parenting paranoia that I don’t think will leave me. Freddie was a straightforward baby and So this experience turned parenting on its head for Dexter, I have been constantly worried.

Worry in the early hours

Silent reflux is worse for us in the earlier hours of the morning and so I was spending lots of time awake worrying that I would not hear him choke if he was asleep, as you can imagine this was exhausting. He is in a crib next to my bed but I still didn’t trust I would wake for him.

Snuza hero – peace of mind

Thankfully I was sent a Snuza Hero to try out on Dexter and it’s been a massive game changer for us. The Hero clips on nappy band just but the belly button and rests on the tummy to monitor breathing. If Dexter has an apnea episode and we don’t hear the initial choke then the Snuza hero kicks in and alerts us if Dexter doesn’t respond. This is such peace of mind as for a long time I was worried to sleep, leave him to put the washing out or leave him with other family members incase the apnea happened. It’s a horrible feeling to feel so trapped and worried but the Snuza hero really helped us relax.

How does it work?

It’s smaller that the palm of you hand and very discreet. The breathing sensor is soft rubber which is gentle against babies skin. The Snuza hero monitor has a motion sensor which picks up small movements. If there are no breathing movements for 15 seconds then the Hero will vibrate to rouse the baby. If there is still no movement after 5 seconds an alarm will sound to alert you.

Snuza hero fits in palm of your hand

The Snuza hero has brought great relief to us, especially when I was admitted to hospital for a few weeks and I was worrying about the boys, however my husband used the Hero with Dexter so I could relax a little knowing that any reflux apnea episodes would be picked up quickly!!

I was sent the Snuza Hero in exchange for an honest review. All words and images are my own


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