Ikea kallax steps hack

As soon as we made Freddie’s London themed bedroom, we wanted to get him into a single sized bed as soon as possible. This Ikea Kallax steps hack enabled a functional transition.

I had always wanted a cabin or bunk bed when I was younger and so naturally for me I wanted to live my sleepy dreams through him.

We found a sleek cabin bed for him with lots of extra matching storage so this was perfect for his ever expanding toy tractors and monster trucks.

Freddie loved his new big boy bed but he struggled with coming down the ladders, this was such a worry for me as I didn’t want it to make him regress on his night time toilet use for fear of slipping off his ladder.

Ikea Kallax step hack

Myself and hubby wanted to incorporate storage into whatever we made into the stairs area.

We decided to use a single and double Kallax unit from Ikea and screw together to the bed to make steps and the Ikea Kallax steps hack. Initially we were also going to add a rail but Freddie finds it super easy to use without.

Functional children’s bedroom storage

The added bonus is that we can use he colour matching Drona inserts for toy or book storage.

London decor

It works so well and it’s very sturdy, it would also work with the Trofast system too! If you like our Ikea Kallax steps hack you might like to know that we also made sure his curtains looked spot on with my curtain pleat hack.


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