Kiddies parties with Dom and Geri

The memories that stick out the most for me were the birthday parties I had as a kid. A gaggle of my school friends descending on my house and sending my moms stress levels through the roof. I was made to wear a “very best” party dress even though I was a fully fledged tomboy. Not cool. This did not mix when playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Now I have my own children I can still see veins of tradition from my own childhood when preparing for their birthday parties. Go to party activities are pass the parcel and musical statues. As classic as cheese and pineapple on sticks and nothing states party more so than those! One million layers of wrapping paper for a small bag of Haribo. Score!

It can be so stressful however, and here are my top tips to make the day go smoothly..

1) All hands on deck – delegate! If you are doing the catering those sandwiches aren’t going to spread themselves and the presents need wrapping too. Worst job ever. Share the load to give yourself some breathing space.

2) Make sure it doesn’t go on for too long – many times we have been to a kids party and if it goes on for ages the excitement of the kids soon turns into tiredness and the scraps start. Pass the gin.

3) Make it unique – it’s all about the birthday boy or girl, a day just for them and why not go all out and have a personalised banner? Nothing better than being centre of attention for the day..whatever age!

Dom and Geri do some gorgeous personalised products, including banners, my personal favourite are these personalised banners which you can also include a picture of the birthday boy or girl on! Surefire way to be a massive talking point and starting at only £12.49 it won’t break the bank.

4) Location, location, location – it might feel

more convenient to have the party in your own home but realistically you will be left with the party aftermath. Venues which hold kids parties means that you don’t deal with the mess, chaos or guests that hang around to long after the party time. Your cream carpet will be safe for another day without a jelly and ice cream blemish!

Finally, don’t’s a few hours out of a day to celebrate something lovely. I can still remember my birthday parties form when I was little and it’s a lovely feeling to remember everyone being there just for me!

This is a collaborative post with All words and opinions are my own.

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