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Dexter- two month update 

So now Dexter is (already!!) 11 weeks old I thought it best to get a move on with his two month update and what stick out between weeks 4-8.

The the last few weeks have flown by in a crazy haze, most importantly for us the reflux and CMPA are starting to settle after visits to peadeatrician and emergency hospital visits.

He is much happy baby now that he doesn't have horrid acid burning his throat all night long and is thriving well.

Dexters smile has some on leaps and bounds, I had almost forgot those early corner of mouth creased up efforts that little babies do and those moments have melted into gorgeous beaming gummy smiles. Mostly for his big brother Freddie, which makes my heart just explode!

His hands are his latest best friend and wether he is concerntrating on them sternly or looking like he is ready to bop a punch bag they are always on the go, always a clenched fist though! He is getting great at whacking the figures away on his play gym and seems to favour his right hand. 

Dexters little legs too are always kick kicking away but when held up he will not entertain the idea of putting any weight through them what so ever!

The bath has become a relaxing place that he now enjoys and you can see him almost melt into the bath water. This sets him up for bottle and bed and he is off into dream land.

One of my favourite things to do with Dexter is out the torch on my phone and beam up to the ceiling so the can watch the shadows. He loves it so much and is transfixed on watching.

He has really hanged so much in these last few weeks, almost unrecognisable from the leggy little babe we brought home with us.

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