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Curtain pleat toilet roll hack

If you are like us and have eyelet or tab top curtains then you need to give this curtain pleat hack a go to get them hanging perfectly! I was so dubious that it would even work but it’s like magic. I have told so many people about the hack and everyone is amazed by it too, not only that but it takes seconds and is super easy.

What is the Curtain pleat hack?

In essence just pop a toilet roll tube behind every other pleat on the curtain pole (so it can’t be seen as it’s behind the curtain material) 

Toilet rolls give stability

You can cut the toilet rolls to size if you need to, or even try other things like plumbing insulation foam around the pole. It makes such a difference by giving a fullness to the section tops, as you can see below.

You can see the improvement in the pleats

It works on all materials too, we put it into practice on our bedroom curtains when we did our bedroom makeover.

Curtain pleat hack

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Have you got any home hacks that you like to use? What are your favourite home tips? Are you a Mrs Hinch in the making and love new ways to keep your home fresh? Let me know!


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