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Monster truck digger cake (dairy free)

Months before Freddie’s 3rd birthday was even on the horizon he had decided he wasntes a monster truck digger cake, involving all of his favourite toy diggers and lots of chocolate mud.

This was relatively easy to achieve as I could adapt my favourite Madeira cake recipe to be dairy free and use dairy free chocolate, cocoa powder and milk free biscuits for the gravel, sand and soil aspect.

I used the birthday cake Madeira recipie from She Who Bakes which I use time and time again and is foolproof even when I change to dairy free. It gives a firmer texture cake so it’s perfect for carving and carrying weight from extra layers or model tractors for example!

We used the chocolate Madeira recipie but added extra dairy free chocolate and a teaspoon of coffee granules dissolved in a little water- this really, really emphasises the chocolate flavour and I always do this for my chocolate cakes.

I then tried to make a multi height cake to represent the terrain of a construction site. I split and butter creamed the round cakes and then cut into wedges for hills and peaks. These were all then coated in chocolate butter cream and that was my landscape done.

Some of the chocolate landscape was going to stay as “mud” so I wheeled the (clean) JCB toys over to make tracks and position on the cake. The ther areas were going to have gravel, sand and mud so I whizzed up in the food prosessor some Oreos and bourbons. I kept different textures to make it more realistic and scattered over the cake.

I also made some boulders by using some of the cake scraps rolled in butter cream, dusted with sand and moulded into a boulder and placed around.

That was it! Pretty easy really as all mistakes can be hidden! Freddie still talks about it now so it just have been a big hit.

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