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Back to basics with Kokoso coconut oil review

Dexter was born two weeks early and still had lots of Vernix on him. I was pleased about this as it’s a natural moisturiser and barrier to the outside world for a little longer at least, on newborn skin.

I noticed however that the areas where he didn’t have his protective layer were so dry, cracked and flaky, something which wasn’t an issue with Freddie. 

I limited his baths, in fact he didn’t have his first bath until he was almost a week old due to his skin being so dry, once he was out of the bath it got even worse and the baby moisturisers I had only offered temporary relief. 

Now he is a bit bigger, the dry skin is mainly on his forehead and scalp and some days it flakes off terribly. The new skin underneath is very vulnerable and so we were so relieved when we got to review Kokoso baby coconut oil and body wash.

I had heard lots of good things about all natural and gentle to use Kokoso which can be used for a variety of uses from cradle cap to bahy massage! 

We put it through its paces in the bath, there was no fragrance which is a big plus for me as I always worry that fragrance will irritate Dexters skin. The wash is also a shampoo and even tho its gentle, lathered up very easily.

Once we took Dexter out the bath we. Etc had to deal with his flaky dry scalp. I was dubious that the Kokoso coconut oil would penetrate it and instead just leave his skin greasy.

As you can see, because the wash was so gentle I was able to loosen some of the skin without making him irritated. This worked wonders with the coconut oil and he really removed and hydrated his little head. He smelled faintly of a fresh, split tropical coconut and of course this is the natural aroma! 

As you can see it really relieved the dry skin and allowed for the new skin to shine through, he doesn’t even look greasy as it just sank into his skin and left him lovely and soft.

We have used Kokoso baby for a wide range of uses on Dexter, but our top tip is for all that baby neck cheese! Dexter has bad reflux and guzzles his bottles, this two coupled together allow for lots of sick and milk dribbles that even when you clean with a baby wipe you can’t get too easily. To combat this, after his bath and each morning I wipe a layer of Kokoso under his chubby little neck rolls and it forms a little layers which makes it easy to wipe off any milky/sicky residue throughout the day so he doesn’t get sore or smelly.

We love Kokoso and we really recommend it for your little ones as it’s so versatile and gentle.
We were sent this product in return for an honest review. All words & pictures are my own.

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