*win a cleaning hamper!*

Now we have a baby in the house again, I have been conscious about the products I use in the home. I love the smell of bleach but can go a bit OTT when having a cleaning blitz.

I have noticed that Dexter has got sensitive dry skin too so I am wary that I don’t want to inflame it any more for him. With Freddie’s grace and poise around the house being similar to a tornado, there are spills and food disasters daily. Mostly bolognese and blackcurrant to really ramp up the stain ratio. Team that with two dogs and three cats and you can see that the odds are clearly stacked against me!

Luckily, were sent a gorgeous hamper from Seventh Generation to try out some of their lovely products.

Seventh generation are an American company who specialist in creating natural, plant based cleaning products, from laundry liquid to streak free shine sprays. Fabulously, because they are natural they are safe to use around the kiddywinks and even our pets (we have one cat who rolls in bleach and actively seeks to lick it off the floor so this is a massive bonus for us..crazy thing!)

Dexter has put the hamper through its paces..we are talking projectile vomit that has been tackled by the cleaning spray and nappy explosions that have been annihilated by the gorgeous smelling laundry liquid. His skin flare ups have also minimalised and doesn’t get as angry. It’s a hit in the Jones household! 

If you want your very own hamper to put through its paces and clean your home the natural way, enter my competition below! 

Enter here to win!

In the meantime you can grab Seventh Generation products here and use ecoupon code GRXN7Y at checkout for £3 off the laundry detergent.



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