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Yoomi- making things that bit easier

Now that I am completely bottle feeding Dexter, he has taken to only liking his milk warm, which is fine by me, it would be my preference too, to be honest! He also is better drinking it warm due to the Neocate milk he is now prescribed and the medications he has for reflux. The medications thicken his milk, so when it’s cold it can be stodgy and hard for him to drink.

It is the bane of my life to warm bottles in the bottle warmer, for one it’s really noisy in our room and two it’s just such an faff about. Maybe it’s because I only really use it at night and that’s where I direct my lack of sleep frustration..ha!

However, things got that little bit easier for us as we have been able to try the Yoomi self warming bottle. Promise, it’s not wizardry, it does actually self warm and to the temperature of breast milk!

This is done without risk of burning to your baby and only gently warming the milk that is pulled through the teat on drinking, so if  your baby likes a few ounces then a rest and then a bit more; the milk in the bottle she/he hasn’t drank remains cold, making it more hygienic than warming the entire feed. The warmer stays heated for an hour.

The Yoomi system comes with an easi-latch bottle with anti colic teat, a warmer and charging pod. When the warmer is in the bottle it’s quite weighty but I actually liked it when feeding as it felt nice in the hand.
The warmer itself looks almost like a little beehive with lots of chambers. This is where the milk runs through when the warmer is activated after pressing the orange button. It takes just 60 seconds from the activation button being pressed to a warm feed being enjoyed by baby!

The warmers can be recharged in a microwave or in a pan of boiling water. Even though the microwave option is quicker, I found it a lot easier to put in a saucepan and boil for 25 mins then cool down, rather than use our unpredictable microwave. The saucepan method also sterilises at the same time. You can find the how to guide on recharging here. The warmer is ready when you can hear the rattle when you shake it.

Remember the shake!



Dexter guzzles his bottles if he can and this makes his relflux worse, however with the Yoomi system, the teat is quite soft and so depresses easily if sucked too hard. Couple this with the warming channels of the milk and it really, really helped him feed better. He was a lot less windy and drank his thickened milk at a safe pace for him.

It’s been great for us to get out and about with a drinkable feed for Dexter, he can have it when he wants it (super quick is what he ALWAYS wants) rather than waiting for a jug of warm water or an overheated feed. Yoomi we love you!

If you want to try Yoomi, I can pass on a 15% discount code for my readers, simply enter code BEINGAMUMMY at the checkout at x

We were sent this product in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


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