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My birth story: Dexter 14.05.17

So, already 4 whole weeks of being a family of four and having our second gorgeous boy with us has flashed before our eyes. I’m a very sentimental person and love to reminisce, so today is poignant for me. Four weeks…already though?!

Anyway. Here is my birth story.

My early induction was arranged for Friday 12th May 2017 at 2pm. I was being induced 15 days early as my SPD was crippling and I just couldn’t carry on. I was taking increasing amounts of morphine and codeine which wasnt good for the baby, as well as the guilt I felt every time I took them just to have a small window of reduced pain.

Unfortunately, like with Freddie, the hospital called me about an hour before I was due to go in to cancel my induction, possibly for another four days. I had a complete meltdown as had been pinning my hopes of SPD freedom on this day and I just couldn’t take it. After a breakdown on the phone to the midwives they agreed to call me if there was a bed free in the afternoon. I held no hope and felt so hopeless. Luckily for me, they rang me about twenty minutes later saying I could make my way over! I was bloody elated!

We headed over to our local women’s and childerens centre and I was wheeled into my induction suite. Which was so cozy! It was like a hospital brand hotel room, with a little kitchen bit for drinks and fridge for snacks. I was over the moon. 

The unit was extremely busy and I had a lovely midwife called Sara come and explain to me that I could either be induced late in the night or the next morning. As it was already late in the evening I choose for the next morning so we could both get some slee before. Hubby went home. Neither of us slept well!

9am the next morning came and so did the start of my induction using Prostin gel. The nerves soon kicked in, but sadly nothing else did! I relaxed on the bed watching crappy TV waiting for hubby to arrive with all the labour snacks I had ordered (some extra as I munched a few overnight!)

I had more monitoring before and after the second lot of gel to see how baby was reacting. This time within about fifteen minutes I had some period type cramps.

Initially I just brushed them off as just nothing but they gradually got longer, stronger and so close together I didn’t really get a gap inbetween.   I managed them for about five hours, worrying that they may just be a reaction to the induction process, pains called Prostin pains, I remember thinking to myself if this is just the reaction there is no WAY I’ll cope with labour!

Come about 9.20pm the midwives came to check me on the trace and see how I was doing. To cope with the pains I had just been lay on either side and rocking, continually, for hours. I felt demented but it’s all I could do. I tried the birthing ball but this aggravated my SPD and I couldn’t get on and off it easily. I lay on the bed and I could just hear Keith Lemon doing that Ghostbusters film remake. Surreal. Haha!

I asked for some Pethadine, hoping to get a break in between the contractions. With Freddie the pains were like lightening, short, sharp and fast. I managed his labour on gas an air, even though it was intense pain. However this time the constant grind of the period pain which at points had no let up really made me lose focus. I was trying to breathe through them as best I could, for as long as I could. 

The gave me about an hour of slightly reduced contraction pain, by 11.15pm I was crawling the walls in pain and kept going light headed. I felt odd at this point, couldn’t put my finger on it. The midwives where coming in an out checking the CTG and repositioning me, which was awful at the time as it was such an effort to try and move myself with my hips, let alone with the labour pain, I was so miserable. The next visit to my room involved the midwives and my consultant. The baby’s heart rate had been decelerating with every contraction and they had moved me to try and help this. It hadn’t and it was dipping dangerously low so they decided to send me up to the labour suite to have my waters broke! This was it!

Once I was loaded onto the wheelchair and rich and the midwives packed my bags (I looked like a luggage donkey) I was wheeled into the labour suite. 

My midwife upstairs was called Alison and was so lovey, she explained everything she was going to do, why she was doing it and was very soothing. She cracked out the gas and air to break my waters, those first few hits of the gas are amazing aren’t they?! She told me I was 4cm. The time was 12.29. Then the pains REALLY ramped up and becam proper strong, overwhelming regular contractions. I wondered how long this was going to take, I tried to get more focussed but the pain was so overbearing. I had another shot of pethadine whilst Alison attempted to monitor baby’s heart rate with a fetal clip into his scalp, unfortunately this took three attempts and it was excruciatingly painful but so important as his trace couldn’t be picked up on the ctg via the belly bands.

I started to get an overwhelming urge to push, at this stage I thought it was just wishful thinking as I had only just been told I was 4cm. Alison checked me again and said we would be having a baby soon. In my head I though she must mean in a few hours, but then I saw her turning on the baby warmer and getting a birth pack!

Then, by no mistake the pushing was too much to fight, I love the pushing stage, it’s my fave part of labour and I really got my focus back. This was it. I was so thankful as shortly before the consultant had popped back in and wrote the Syntocinon drip up for me, I had heard nothing but horror stories about this and so was adamant this wasn’t going to happen!

3 or four good pushes and he was here! 

Literally as soon as he was born, his first breaths and cries!


The second shot of pethadine hadn’t even had time to work, it was 1.19am and it had taken 49 minutes from when my waters were broke for him to arrive. He was born with his cord around his neck and shoulder which was being compressed with every contraction, hence his heart rate issues.

Those first few moments are so breathtaking aren’t they. It’s so overwhelming, emotional and surreal. All the months of hyperemesis and SPD just melted away and now I could enjoy the last part of my pregnancy..labour and delivery. It was such a relief to have him here, healthy, screaming and turning a lovely shade of pink. 

We had precious snuggles for a while, it was tipping down with rain outside and we couldjust  hear his whimpers and the rain. Perfect bubble. Then came the best bit..

Even hubby had some! It really is the best meal and reward for labour ever! Hubby then had some gas and air, of course!

I was then sent to have my shower, my legs were like jelly BUT I could get off the bed, I could walk and my pain from SPD was about 95% improved. It was amazing. The biggest relief and I felt such a weight had been lifted. Dexter had some skin to skin time with daddy while I enjoyed my shower.

Dexter was weighed, 7lb 12oz, bigger than Freddie but he seemed much smaller! Daddy dressed him and we were moved down to post natal ward and hubby was sent home, it was about 5am. 

I think I mananged about 10 minutes sleep in between holding Dexter and smelling his newborn head. It was just perfect.

A few hours later I had a very special visitor, Freddie. He came and met his baby brother and that was it. Our family of four. My boys. 

So there you go. Four weeks ago and it seems like yesterday. I wrote most of this as soon as I could after labour as I didn’t want to forget anything and it’s a record for me to look back on more than anything else.

We have had a fabulous four weeks that started with a completely different labour to Freddie’s, but totally special non the less. 



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