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Our first full week home (Living arrows 29.05.17)

So the last week was our first full week as a family of four at home. I think I was expecting things to be completely different and all change, which made me quite apprehensive. However, Dexter has settled right in and it’s pretty much life as it was just with a newborn in tow!

It’s lovely to have my husband off work and for us all to be together. Freddie has been spending time with each of us and we kind of do a relay of what needs to be done with the boys and around the house.

Freddie is relishing his big brother role and really helping me, he sorts me nappies and wipes and also encourages Dexter to poo..(frequently throughout the day..he is obsessed that he does a poo!)

He asked to give him his bottle too, which was a very special moment for me to witness, Freddie is a little tornado most of the day but he is so, so tender and gentle with his baby brother, we were so proud.

Luckily, it’s been glorious weather too, so Freddie has taken back up his worm hunting, wood exploring and sandpit playing, all the time telling Dexter what he is up to.

We have had relaxing week at home including a very first bath for Dexter and a family BBQ.

Let’s hope the weather stays nice and that’s half the battle!

This is my first link up taking part in Living Arrows.

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