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One week.

You have been with us one whole week today.

You woke me snuffling in your bedside crib at 01.37am and as soon as I saw the time I was taken right back.

One week flown by in the blink of an eye. I promised I wouldn’t let it happen, I have tried to take everything in and hold onto time as long as possible but just as it did with your brother, it’s going too fast.

I’m trying to soak you all in and remember everything, each little face, whimper, snuffle, cough. It seemed a lifetime waiting for you to come into our lives, the last few weeks were like months, now everything is accelerating.

The first time we saw your little face after you flew into the world.

Skin to skin and getting to know daddy.


First clothes.. I waited ages to see you in this!!

Meeting your big brother.


Your first bath, you loved it! So chilled you just relaxed right in!

Those crinkly little feets

Can someone pass me the pause button for jsut a little while? Times going even faster this time around.

45 thoughts on “One week.

  1. OMG so gorgeous!! The first few weeks are the best but also the ones that seem to go the quickest. Love your photos


  2. Aaaahhhhh bless ….. my eldest is almost 9…. and it’s heartbreaking at how fast it all goes. I wished for a pause and rewind button with mine.


  3. It goes so quickly, doesn’t it. Also, that first bit of toast after giving birth is the best thing I have ever eaten in my life haha


  4. Awwwh how absolutely stunning!!!! Love all your photos!! Jam toast and tea after labour is just perfect isn’t it!!!?


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