Tears into smiles

Freddie knows all to well that as mummy is a nurse, any bumps, scratches or pretend broken limbs can be sorted out by my special “poorly nurse bag” this is a smaller version of my work community nursing bag that is especially for Freddie sized emergencies. 

Some special first aid and a kiss it all better from me normally helps perfectly, which is a good job as Freddie is very much an outdoors boy and loves to be in the fresh air, his favourite pastimes are worm hunting or looking after his chickens. It’s in his nature to be wild and rough and tumble so I would never try and play this down for a few bumps and bruises, it never did me any harm andnis so essential for leaving through exploration, especially in the great outdoors.

We had some funky plasters sent to us to try out from the Elastoplast tears into smiles campaign- (much more fun than mummies boring kit) and an easy way to distract from the pain and shock of a childhood  “poorly”

Freddie loves both Frozen and Star Wars and so we have had plenty of real and imaginary booboos that must be covered!

We were also sent a ring toss style game but Freddie has used his as hay bales for his tractors! 

How do you make your little one feel better when they have hurt themselves?

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast. http://campaigns.elastoplast.net/plastermoments/uk

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