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My *ideal* hospital bag..

I’m rearranging my hospital bag for the hundredth time and each time I’m pretty sure I’m losing part of my sanity with each stash. With Freddie I’m sure I packed it once and I was happy..second time round I’m doubting everything and getting stressy over the most mundane things (big pants?)

I would be more more chilled I’m sure, if I was packing my “ideal” hospital bag. You know, the one you actually want to take? Without the mattress pads, socks, hair ties, straws, lip balm, nursing bras etc etc  Mine would consist of..

  • Prosecco – no point being dull, get the pre drinks going with a bang and those bubbles flowing! Get that labour ward on its feet! 
  • Gin and Tonic – not the cans, not miniatures but the whole hog full size industrial beauties, paired with some juicy lemon and ice for the most perfect getting-sophisticatedly-pissed tone. If your really feeling it, a dab of gin behind the ears also doubles as a fragrant perfume (freeing up more bag space)
  • Lemons, lime and ice – see above.
  • Extra long phone charger – well I have to be partially practical..I ain’t running out of battery when Instagram stories is in full flow for the full frontal crowning moment!
  • Cheeseboard – no soggy sandwiches here, a wedge of Stilton, chunk of cheddar, log of goats cheese and some juicy seedless grapes are everyone’s friend.
  • Pate- I MISS YOU
  • Proper loo roll- hospital tracing paper? No thanks. 
  • Ipad with box sets and large headphones. Outside world do not try and communicate with me. That includes you, chatterbox in bed 3.
  • Eye mask. No eye contact necessary!

What would be essential in your ideal hospital bag for labour?!

16 thoughts on “My *ideal* hospital bag..

  1. Now this sounds more like the kind of hospital bag anyone would like. Prosecco and a cheese board sounds amazing x


  2. Haha!!! I love this post so much and to be honest the bag could double up as the perfect going away for a night alone bag! Cheese is everything in my world so I would be happy as a clam with a board, crisp apple, grapes and a huge french stick. Great post indeed x


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