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Dairy free easter

It’s almost been a year since Freddie’s official CMPA diagnosis and so this Easter was our first dairy free.

I was daunted at the prospect really as we spend so much of our time checking labels for hidden milk that I wondered if he would be enjoying much for Easter apart from an extortionate lack lustre egg from a health food shop.

However, I was blown away by just how much choice there is out there, Dairy free wise, not just chocolate but fun Easter treats that anyone can enjoy. We managed to get a lovely selection from Home Bargains including Rabbit & chick decorated biscuits, mallow Easter animals, jelly beans and marsh mallows to give to the Easter bunny for the Easter treat hunt.

I was most impressed by Aldi’s dark chocolate rabbits, only 79p and dairy free (cheap chocolate benefits!) they are super tasty & melt well (I find that some DF chocolate is quite grainy) and Freddie loved the fact that they were animal shaped.

Freddie’s treat hunt was at my sisters so he could find the treats in with his ducks and chickens, he had so much fun and couldn’t believe the Easter bunny was friends with his birds!!

As you can see, he was a very lucky boy, but this will last him months as he doesn’t get to have chocolate very often! We have already planned some baking and he has requested some chocolate porridge one day as this is firm fave!

Hope you all had a lovely day x

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