Monthly bucket list

So this is my last month at work before baby #2 arrives. Well I have 20 working days left in fact, so I want to make the most of my weekends getting odds and sods done before I break up.

  • New flooring- this has been overdue for so long, I can’t wait for this to actually be delivered and fitted so I can have something I enjoy walking on. Never again carpet, never again.
  • Nursery decor- this has just been a slow accumulation of bits to be assembled but that really needs to be racked up a notch. I have my scheme, paint and finishing touches ready, we just need to get off the mark.
  • Garden tidy up- I’d like to say the garden was ravaged by storm Doris, sadly apart from a broken fence panel the rest of the damage is neglect and springer spaniel related! My laurels are sad, my herb garden is depressed and the vegetable area is baron. This a husband job with wife supervision which is going to kill me!!
  • Hair cut- not the biggest thing to achieve but I have been saying for the last YEAR I need a hair cut. I’m now sporting a feral banshee look and don’t really want to welcome maternity leave looking like hell before I have even had a contraction!

There we go, bit of a mix..hopefully I can achieve some of the list at least before my SPD renders me totally useless. I’m hoping that Twinders will give me a kick up the arse in remembering that I have actually made a list!

Why don’t you take part in the monthly bucket list?


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