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Pregnancy MRI

There is nothing more exciting in a pregnancy that getting to see your baby up in lights on the big screen, especially when that comes in the form of a pregnancy MRI.

For me, scans are the milestone that gets me through the weeks when sometimes you don’t feel pregnant or if you are having a terrible time a glimmer of who you will be meeting in a few weeks.

We were so lucky to be 190th out of 200 people to be part of a medical trial at Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital..

looking at fetal brain and spinal cord development. The trial has been running for seven years and is now collating all the evidence to publish its second wave of findings.
We travelled from our rainy hometown up to even rainier Sheffield and made our way to the MASSIVE hospital! It was huge and the lift went up to floor q, Q!

We were greeted at the reasearch MRI unit and given the talk about what it involved etc. I had an MRI this time last year at it didn’t really bother me too much and for this scan you are in feet first so if you did feel a bit claustrophobic your head was almost out.

They popped my head phones on and off I went, the banging and computer sounding pings and whines started and Baby Jones starred to move around, apparently it can really freak some babies out and they go into a frenzy making it hard to scan.

I only freaked myself out however, by imagining the warning siren off “Lost” and I made myself a bit jittery! Strange!

It only lasted about half an hour and I was wheeled out, got dressed and then my nerves kicked in! We were very relaxed about finding out the sex, if we did, we did, if not, we didn’t. At first when it was booked I had asked for cropped images but we stated later that we didn’t mind either way.

Baby Jones was very private however and kept its gender secret the whole way through, was relatively still so they managed to get some great images while he/she was sleeping!

The amount of detail you can see is astronomical, the liver, kidneys, digestive system and not to mention all the forms and folds of the brain, leading down to the spinal cord itself.

A little hand resting behind its head

We were lucky to get a video of our baby too, having a drink of amniotic fluid and the radiographer said at some points it looked like it was trying to chow down on the placenta!


All of our images get reviewed by the Professor leading the trial (who’s office was palatial!) and I feel proud that we are part of some medical research, I think that’s the geek in me though. ?

It was a fascinating experience and I urge anyone if they get invited to similar to go, not only are they so welcoming and friendly  it’s insane seeing the body working from the inside out, I’m a nurse and have seen my fair share of MRI results but when it’s your baby wriggling and swallowing inside you, it’s really something else, definitely a day I won’t be forgetting and little Jones will be part of history.

If you have any questions about the trial or the MRI, give me a shout x

read more about this scan, including our diagnosis with ventriculomegaly





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