Memories of Meeru

For our honeymoon we went to Meeru in the Maldives. I’d wanted to go to Maldives ever since my old boss went on her honeymoon and she showed me her photos, I couldn’t get over the pure perfection and idyllic views it could offer. 

I’d told so many people in one way or another I would go, some laughed and said I never would! The day we booked it I cried my eyes out, I cried when we arrived (in amazement) and cried when we left our beautiful little island of pure sadness we were leaving.

It was an extra special honeymoon as we found out we were expecting Freddie just four days before, some days it was overwhelming to think we were walking round paradise as a very new family of three and just got married. It was so perfect. 

I will do a more detailed post one day but this is the highlight of our trip really.

Meeru takes about 30 minutes to walk around the whole island and is about 50 minutes by boat from Male. The are several restaurants that serve a multitude of difference foods, the quality of which I cannot fault at all, we especially enjoyed the fillet steak, noodle bar and the champagne and pancake mornings. There are lots of themed nights as well as a few staple favourites.

We were all inclusive plus so mini bar was included as well as a sunset trip on a boat to see the dolphins. Our minibar was restocked everyday  and was stocked really well with beers, soft drinks, water and iced coffees.

There are activities you can do on the island such as football, golf, cycling etc but we just did snorkelling. You can completely relax or be as active as you want.

We did the Robinson Crusoe island trip eh oh was just me and hubby, in the middle of the Laccadive sea, on a sandbank with a cool box. It’s. MUST do!

We were booked to stay on a beach villa, but also asked to upgrade one night to the water bungalow honeymoon suites. How lucky were we that they upgraded us, for free, for four nights until the end of our stay! The honeymoon suites are fantastic but do be watned they are only accessible via boat (incase you don’t like that sort of thing)

This is just a small round up of our wonderful honeymoon.

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