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Our first monster!

A few weeks ago I told you how Freddie had became frightened of the dark. 

Well this week he has actively asked for his bed back in his room- and slept in it. Like a dream! Back to his old sleeping habits and I can tell that he is so much more rested and happy, I’m so relieved.
The other night though was a first in our house. Freddie woke shouting for us just before midnight.
He was so pale, shaking uncontrollably and said “mommy big monster” I tried to hold him tight but he was shaking so much. No tears though. He told me there had been a big monster by his bed, then saying “proby cat or dog mommy” and I said yes as the pets are so noisy. He then just looked at me and said “just a big monster mommy”
I stayed with him for a bit for a big love and then told him I was going back to bed and he settled himself off to sleep.
The next morning he told me there was also a yellow monster downstairs that he could hear!
I decided he would benefit from having a “monster spray” which I made with water and lavender oil (dual purpose to relax him for bed hehe!) he helped me mix up the spray ready for bedtime.

When daddy put him to bed he showed him where the monster had been and daddy dutifully sprayed its ass!
He settled off into sleep as normal so im hoping that this monster repellent will be another step in restoring his love of bedtime.

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