IMC toys: Mickey Mouse clubhouse fire rescue set

Freddie loves anything related to emergency vehicles, with fire engines being his favourite.

Luckily we got to test out a fun range form IMC toys that feature Mickey Mouse clubhouse with a fire and rescue theme!

First up we have the fab fire engine. Freddie already had all guns blazing when I showed him the “press here” blue siren button before we opened the package. He loves the siren and engine sounds.

There are three compartmented doors on the engine where you can stow away the accessories such as fire hose and axe. It comes with a Mickey Mouse in fire officer attire and he can climb the ladder and aim the water gun.

An extra bonus with this toy is that when Mickey is sat in the drivers seat the lights and sounds activate once he touches the gear stick. This part is fab as Freddie loves a driver for his vehicles, so ones that fit & fire up the engine are ace!

Next we opened “Mickey and Donald to the rescue” Which was two figures and some fire extinguishing equipment that pair up perfectly with the fire station and engine. Mickey and Donald wearing firemen attire and both also fit in the fire truck.

The fire station it’s self is super impressive. It comes with the same magic magnetic technology as the fire station allowing the Mickey and Minnie included to activate lights and sounds on the station when in certain positions.

There are loads of accessories with the station, including a cat waiting to be rescued! There is lots of detail within the station such as the folding beds and tables, little traffic cones, a spade to be hung up and of course the water hoses on feels which Mickey can operate!

It didn’t take me long to assemble (I have zero patience with things like that and I did it quite well!!) Freddie wanted to put the detail stickers himself, so I took a deep breath and got over my OCD and let him personalise it!

Freddie loves that he can use the ladders on the fire truck and the station and his most favourite part (apart from the sounds) is the fireman pole where he can fit a character in the basket and move them up and down for the rescue.

This has kept Freddie occupied for hours, he so enjoys having figures that can fit and sit in and out of the truck. It’s good quality material so I know he will get some longevity out of it and be part of lots of rescue scenarios to come!

We were sent these products in exchange for an honest and open review. All content is my own.

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