Are you afraid of the dark?

Freddie started sleeping through the night when he was 8 weeks old. I don’t want to seem like a braggy mom, as I know am extremely lucky that he loves, adores his sleep like I do.

Don’t get me wrong we have had times where illness or a random night here or there that can upset the apple cart, but mostly he had his naps and a good sleep roughly 7-7.

However, the last two to three weeks we have had a real struggle with bed. 

We moved him into his own bed, which initially he coped really well with and settled within a couple of nights, but one night he went to bed and as we went to leave he let out a blood curdling scream for the light on.

This is totally out of character for him as he always used to sleep in the pitch black with his door shut. Now he wants the light on, all night, curtains open and door wide open.

I don’t mind the light on for him- if it makes him feel secure then I would never deny him of that, but the problem arises that he can’t sleep due to the light being on! Ironic hey!

It’s the dimmest bulb we can find, which is still quite illuminating, we have even taken it out of his main room light and added it to an up stander lamp to localise the light somewhat, which did give a softer light to the room.

However, last night Freddie woke from a nightmare at 1.30am and went back to sleep (after being the most awake I have ever seen him in his life!) at 540am.

We tried to put him back in his bed but he wouldn’t stay in his cot unless all the lights were on upstairs and his curtains were open, even then he seemed inconsolable.

He won’t have a night light- it isn’t bright enough, and with the room light too bright, he is starting to fall asleep at about 9.30 meaning when I go to leave for work I have to wake him up and he is exhausted.

We are going to try him back in his cot and let him out his ligh on himself and see if he will accept it so he can get some much needed rest.
Fingers crossed!

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