Freddie’s big boy bedroom!

As soon as we moved house and Freddie got a bigger room, I knew it would be the first room of the house to get a make over. 

We wanted him to have a scheme that he could enjoy as a little one but also grow into and still be versatile.
Our aim was his second birthday and so the hunt began!

I found some gorgeous London print wall paper which was my basis for his room, I knew I wanted bold colours for curtains, light shades, chairs and cushions in his room and navy blue and red would fit in perfectly here, especially curtain wise.

The wallpaper we chose was from Graham & Brown and I still adore it, everyone comments on it and it’s such good quality, very thick and covered his wall well. Most importantly Freddie loves it because he can point out the “big bus” taxi and the dog which he often recites whilst settling off to sleep.

My next must have for his room was his book nook.

Freddie loves to read and we have so, so many books in our house. I wanted it to be based around a big comfy cushion, which I used a large duck feather sofa cushion for, covered in a red blanket and then scattered with several smaller cushions to make it slouchy and cosy for reading at bed time. Our cushion covers were off eBay for Β£2.89 each and are fantastic quality. 

We used IKEA mosslander picture shelves to store some of his books on, they work brilliantly as he can see which book he wants and easily get them down off the shelf. They look like a nice feature on the wall too.

I added some reading quotes around his book nook and made a simple “ticket bunting” from old train and tube tickets, some are over ten years old and some were form my 30th birthday so I can’t wait to tell Freddie about each journey these tickets are connected with when he is a bit bigger.

The feature bunting in his room was a simple party garland from Aldi which I snapped up at a steal for 79p! I knew it was perfect for his room and luckily it was in our local store. He loves to look at the little soldiers under the rain cloud on it.

I have given a new lease of life to an old loom chair I had that Freddie always took a shine too, a quick clean and lease of paint, Home Bargains cushion and voila jazzed up London theme chair for my big boy.

I had quite a lot of wallpaper spare so I made a little decoupage trinket box for him, which lives happily next to his model London bus, soldier and black cab

The finishing touches are a Union Jack light switch cover, some metal wall underground signs form my 30th in London and an underground sign above his door. 

We are thrilled with how his room has come together but even more so as to how much he adores it! He really loves his book nook and it relaxes him perfectly for bedtime, hopefully his love of books will last a long time.

9 thoughts on “Freddie’s big boy bedroom!

  1. Just gorgeous!!! Love the wallpaper and how tou have matched up the room so well!! We love books too and I totally forgot about old bear!! I’m going to have to buy a copy now! Love the cushions! We have the exact same print of the 3 soldiers in a frame on my sons wall πŸ™‚


  2. Goodness, that wallpaper is AMAZING! I love the British/London theme and I especially love the book corner. Love the unioin jack light switch cover, what a great finish to the room, you did amazing! πŸ™‚ xx


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