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We are sticklers really in this household for our staple grocery goods. Butter, squash, toothpaste and washing up liquid.

As a household of three, really we make excessive washing up, granted most of it is from my toddler and our disagreements over which plate he is going to use during the meal..I am mindful that I want to get the most for our money and so when we get good results from a washing up liquid for example, we tend to stick to that one.

We  were sent some samples of Ecover washing up liquid as part of their #greencanclean campaign. I have to say I have never used Ecover, although seeing it in the supermarket and thinking it as too expensive and not effective as it as “herbal” based.

On using it for the first time I noticed that the message on the bottle states that bubbles do not mean cleaning power (less foam more dishes in my mind) hmm, this would be hard to get used to.. in this house from washing up to bubble baths to shampoo, bubbles mean a better more efficient clean, I even go over board on washing powder. Still, I wanted to test it to its full potential so I used a small squirt and put it to the test on our after dinner dishes

I have to say, I expected a lot less bubbles than there were for the amount of liquid I used, far less than I would normally whack in. It smelt lovely, a nice subtle aromatherapy type scent and wasn’t overpowering which is my pet hate with washing up liquids. The dishes came out sparkling, even tough tomato stains. I also noticed my hands were nice and smooth and not irrated ( im a nurse and my frequent hand washing sometimes leaves my hands chapped and sensitive to detergents)

Now as the bubbles were so gentle on my skin, I decided that they would be perfect for Freddie to play with as a safe bubble haven, needless to say he loved it! Our garden as well as his toys were suitably spotless! Ecover prides itself on being suitable for sensitive skin too 🙂

I will continue to use Ecover, I have been so pleasantly surprised, I like that I’m doing my bit for the environment especially when it taking part in such an everyday chore.

Give it a go, change is as good as a holiday!




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