Freddie loves his baths, what kid doesn’t! Mostly though, he likes to have a bath full of rubber duckies and bath toys until the toy to water ratio is somewhat 80/20.

When he was tiny we always used a digital bath thermometer, quickly finding that some filled up with water, condensation ruined the display or the the painted on eyes etc soon faded with the daily baths and playing.

Myself and hubby tended then just to gauge the water with our elbows, HR Freddie is getting to the age where he wants to help run is bath and so I want a way of showing him what too hot or too cold actually is without burning or shocking him!

We were sent to test who is. Cute looking turtle (ours has been named Tommy!) and he is such a decent size.

He floats around the bath looking like just a bath toy and he is robust enough to deal with Freddie’s “swimming and tricks” that he has to endure every bath time!

What I love about the thermometer is instead of just the usual flashing temperature warning we have seen before, when the bath is too cold/ hot/ just right, there is a corresponding colour light which back lights the temperature. Red for hot, blue for cold and green for go!

We showed Freddie before he got in the bath how the turtle changes and what it means. He knows that he is only allowed to be put in the bath when Tommy is green for go!

The light is nice and bright and can be seen when he is pushed right under water or under bubbles, Freddie loves to have a bath with the blinds down and light off and pretends Tommy is a torch!

The biggest plus for me however is when Tommy isn’t in contact with water, he switches off! Brilliant battery saving idea.

Turtlemeters are available on Amazon Here for £14.95

We were sent this product in exchange for an honest reveiw.

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