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Do you feed your toddler too much?

The obesity crisis in Britain is always ringing in our ears and the latest survey that add to this is from The infant and toddler forum.

The survey of 1000 parents showed that around 79% of kids in the 1-4 age bracket are given more than their recommended portion size for their age, especially with foods such as spaghetti bolonegse, crisps and cheese sandwiches.

I do feel that we are guilty of that in this house hold, Freddie loves his food and has a good strong appetite, but I do wonder how much of that is learnt behaviour? Our meal times are a social affair so he will see myself and his dad sit down to eat out meals and clear our plates..

Freddie does however have a massively varied diet, one that I have tried to vary even more since the discovery of his cows milk protein allergy. The ITF also states that a child will stop eating when full, and Freddie is normally adoment with his “no more mommy” or if he wants to clear the decks.

I do think that I am guilty of giving too much bread, pasta and potatoes, things which he does love to eat and from the guidance published we are definitely going towards the upper end of the scale

Most alarming is the Wotsits, very rarely did we give 4-6 crisps, a whole packet used to be eaten for a snack round our house!

On the flip side, Freddie eats more than recommended of fruits and vegetables, especially as we do not have dairy currently so I’m concious of his getting calcium etc from other sources.

Without dairy in his diet I’m sure his meal sizes even out, he is an active and tall toddler for his age so this all changes his suggested upper and lower limits.

I do feel that it’s something that’s so easily done, the transition from milk, to baby led weaning to fully weaned is a bit of a hit and miss area, some things they eat, others they hate and I found myself bumbling along with what I thought what a good portion size, concious of the food groups he was also having. It’s hard to find a good level when your feeding such a small person. 

Food for thought definitely, we balance good days with bad days, Freddie is thriving and whilst he is nice and solid, eating as he does, I tend not to worry so much on a day when he can’t possibly eat anything because his peas are touching his broccoli or his sleeves are touching his arms….

How do you think you compare to this survey? 

Suggested portion size images are from The infant and toddler forum 

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