Stubbing out the problem

My husband and I have been together for ten years, I was 19 when we got together and back then I wasn’t fussed that he smoked, it never really entered my head.

Fast forward eight years down the line and we had our first child, Freddie. 

I had already been concious about people smoking around me and my bump and everyone took it upon themselves to stay away from me and my precious cargo, which was fab.

However, as soon as Freddie was born, I became increasingly worried about visitors coming to hold my baby after just having a cigarette outside the maternity ward doors, my husband included. I imposed a no holding ban for those who had smoked a recent cigarette and felt myself recoil if I could smell cigarette smoke on people by me.

My requests to my husband to quit smoking became more frequent, I found it very selfish that he kept smoking even though he never, ever smoked in the house, car or in close proximity to Freddie, especially when the health visitor drummed it into use about babies being affected by second hand smoke up to 30 minutes after a cigarette had been smoked. I drove myself crazy with this.

Around four months ago, a big weight was lifted of my shoulders..hubby announced that he had brought a vape and wanted to reduce his cigarette intake and eventually stop smoking.

I was so, SO relieved. I hated having my stomach feel in a knot if we were out and about wth Freddie, especially as I have a back injury which means hubby is currently doing more one to one with our little one so he was likely to be closer to second hand smoke.

It’s made us more social as a couple as I used to loathe him going outside to smoke of an evening whilst we were watching something, now he can vape in the living room and I get uninterrupted television! I do feel it’s a more “polite” version of smoking, I certainly don’t miss his clothes or breath smelling of smoke and his stained hands.

I was a little worried at first that it was just a phase but he has so many flavours and bits of kit that he tats with that I know there is concious effort there to make this a new lifestyle choice. He has also noticed how he doesn’t wheeze as much any more (he is asthmatic, even worse to smoke with!) and so I think he realises I’m not just an over the top mom, I’m actually thinking of his health!

It’s hard not to notice how popular vaping has become and so many people who I have spoken to would never go back to a cigarette, even vaping with snazzy colourful vapes!

The people over at Vapelux have all you need if you want make the switch to vaping. There are so many colourful vapes and kits which give you everything you need to if you are unsure where to start. They do a range of liquid flavours, batteries and chargers for your kit.

Hubby loves colour of the blue Innokin coolfire IV plus Isub apex kit so I’m sure he will be adding to his collection soon!

I look back now and I can still feel how on edge I felt, but I still don’t feel like I was being over the top, I stick to my guns completely, my fierce mama protection instinct kicked in when I had Freddie and it’s not going to leave any time soon!

Disclosure: I was sponsored for this post, however all opinions are my own.

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